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Motivation to Start Scanning

Typical Motivation for Starting Document Scanning Process.

  • Do you spend too much time retrieving records? Do some of your documents actually get lost? Files stored in a central location and that are reviewed periodically have a greater chance of being mis-filed or never refilled. The result is that it takes a great amount of time to find such files.
  • Do you need more immediate access to files? Is the amount of time it takes to retrieve a file from the file room simply too long? Do you need instant access to the files? Is immediate customer service becoming extremely important?
  • Do two or more people need access to your files at the same time?
  • Do your people traveling need to have access to your files?
  • Are you running out of space for the hard copy files? Are you looking at the costs of special filing systems, such as rolling files? Are you looking at the costs of acquiring more office space for file storage?
  • Do you feel a need to reduce your overall costs associated with storing, retrieving, refilling and the safety and security of your documents?
  • Are your files safe in their current storage location? Does your current storage methods comply with the various privacy laws such as HIPAA or GLB or Facta?
  • If you had a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or fire, are your current documents protected? Could you be back in business in a matter of days?

See this video about trying to complete your scanning project in-house rather than contracting out to professional scanning company


Typical Requests For Services

I have 3 years of paper records that I need to convert to OCR readable text files, vital for a client project. At an average average of 20pgs per working (M-F) day from June 1, 2006 to present, I have a lot of pages to convert to working files. I ha
A client needs 40 boxes of business documents scanned. Currently, the documents contain file folders, staples, paper clips etc. How long does something like this take, and what costs are involved..
I'm looking for a company who has the equipment to scan a spinal xray. If you don't do it, could you please recommend a firm? .
I'd like to setup virtual file sharing where we do not administer the box but we could access the data as if there was an inhouse file server.
We are evaluating digitizing our Insurance department records. Going back would be a one time huge job. We are interested in learning more about your business, security, storage formats and our ability to access these file.