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What Else Can Be Done With Scanned Document

There are many other things that can be done with a scanned document.  During the scanning process, information can be electronically extracting from the document which can be used in other aspects of the business.  For example, if you scan a purchase order, you can extract some data from that document into other systems.  You can extract the customer information about who issued the PO and "electronically" send that data to the credit department to approve the customer.  Item numbers and quantities can be extracted and electronically sent to the inventory control system.  This type of data would often times be entered by a clerk at a later time, which has two draw backs.  First there is a chance for human error in data entry and secondly, there is the amount of time it takes to move the document to the typist and get the entry work done.

man and two computers above 2inAn additional benefit is making your processes automated - process oriented - systematic.  If your processes are automated / standardized, it makes it easier for your business to grow. If most of the processes are automatic, then adding more transactions is a very well defined process. These systems can be scaled up to add more capacity. Also over time, as you mature as a user of such systems, you can increasingly add new functions to systems like these.

EMPLOYEE TRAINING: If the data is handled in a systematic and automatic basis based on a set of rules you set up, then training new people becomes much easier. You have a blue print of what is happening and there is much less chance that a particular manager or new employee will harm your business by changing processes.

The idea of automating processes can be found in the biggest companies such as McDonalds, Coca Cola, etc.