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Albuquerque Document Scanning Services

Our scanning association members in Albuquerque offer exclusive file and large document scanning services including -

    • on-going - active file scanning as well as historical record scanning
    • many associates offer both onsite and offsite services
    • Record management services – how to stock up, protect and maximize the advantages of scanning
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Review the quotes below from other companies like you in Albuquerque who are getting ready to implement a "paperless" office. Contact the member of the association in your area now to start your project.

"I am interested in your large document scanning capabilities and costnear Albuquerque . The largest doc is probably 36x36 down to 11x17. I don't have a count by size yet. "

"I have between 200 and 300 engineering drawings on mylar paper of various sizes (ranging from about 3'x4' to 8.5"x11") that I would like to have put on disc in PDF or similar format. Can you do this job in Albuquerque ?"

"We are looking for someone to come on a weekly basis, scan and returned in a timely manner. We are also looking into the cost of purchasing a machine and or software and doing ourselves. Weekly there would be upwards of two file drawers. Files are in in Albuquerque ."

"We are looking for a company in Albuquerque to come in and scan our documents in our office. We have around 900 boxes that need to be scanned."

" I need general information about your document scanning services in Albuquerque ; our volume is say: 200,000 plus."

"We have approx 4,000 engineering drawing that we need scanned to pdf as well as tiff in Albuquerque . We then need them saved as the drawing name and saved to a dvd. Can you give me an estimate as well as the approx time it would take to accomplish?"

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