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Companies Who Scan Documents in Denver

Imaging and data management are some of the highly popular services scanning association members in Denver provide to medical institutions, governmental agencies, law firms and general businesses. We have established ourselves as a premier service provider in the industry with years of expertise, cutting-edge custom services and competitive rates.

  • Historical file scanning and imaging of currently being used records
  • Document Content mining in Englewood, CO
  • Offering the scanned documents on dvd, hard disk drive, thumb drive, CD-ROM or storing on hosted servers according to the requirements of the clients
  • Safe, online Scanned Images in Denver, Co
  • Electronic Content Management in Denver
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Hospitals, law firms, governmental agencies and other entities who are seeking scanning solutions have been contacting the members of Document Scanning Companies of America with comments like these below. These are the types of projects they need completed. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done.

  • have approximately 135 boxes which need to be scanned and would like to have an estimate of the cost and time frame needed in order to have it done. I believe once the information in the boxes are scanned the original documents may be disposed of.
  • We would like to convert our paper files into electronic files. There is an estimated 20,000 pages in Denver
  • I have approximately 15 letter size storage boxes of documents that I'd like scanned into PDF format to be stored electronically. What would this cost
  • Do you do large format scanning? 24"X36" and how much do you charge for scanning and a CD of the tifs in Denver
  • I have a wide variety/sizes of images to be scanned. Do you have any size restrictions (what is too large?), how do you determine the cost of your services, and can you scan documents that are bound in a book? Thank you in advance for your assistance
  • Interested in your services and inquiring on cost of services and procedures as well as productivity and capability of handling private non-profit information through your service in Denver