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Cost of Going Paperless in Los Angeles

Our digital imaging members in Los Angeles are Document Imaging and Content Management Specialists

  1. Free OCR on most scanning projects.
  2. Free pickup and delivery
  3. 400 dpi scans
  4. HIPAA Compliant
  5. Fast, affordable and secure
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Read the quotes below from other companies like you who are getting ready to implement a ""paperless"" office. Contact the member of the association in your area now to start your project.

  • Scanning of Bank Work Papers
  • Can you scan 200 account information records to CD or jump-drive so that I can down-load to my lap-top? Quote? ASAP.
  • We are interested in having some documents scanned, I would like to know the cost and if you require a minn. amount
  • Have a requirement for a US based partner to scan and upload images - approx volume is 2 Million per year.
  • we are looking to scan many of our documents that are no longer in use so that we can remove the documents from the premises. We are hoping for a quick turnaround with this project so that we might be able to remove the documents from the office wit
  • I need a quote on a large scanning project, the sooner you can get back with me would be great.
  • I am working with a couple of clients in North Idaho and was looking for someone to talk to about Client Site Scanning.

What Are the Critical Issues to Start Digital Imaging in Los Angeles

  • Have misplaced and lost files cost you extensively to find or replace? Documents which are filed in a record storage room and are distributed from that location have a significant chance of being miss filed or lost or never returned to the file room. The result is that it takes a great amount of time and expense to recreate or find such files.
  • Do you need instantaneous availability of your active and historical files? The amount of time it takes to retrieve a hard copy paper file from the file room can be too long for some entities or circumstances. Scan your document if you need instant access to the files.
  • Do two or more people need access to your documents at the same time? This obviously can't be done with paper records, but is easy with on-line documents.
  • Do you have people outside your office who need to have access to your files? Can't be done with paper files which are in the file room, but again, this is a typical benefit of online documents after having been scanned.
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