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New Jersey Patient Document Imaging Solutions

Hospitals, clinics and doctors offices have been starting scanning programs for years in New Jersey. The first step many of them made was to contact a member of the association. These are the types of jobs they needed to complete. Please call the members of the association in your area now and tell them what you need to have done.

"Could someone contact me about scanning large amounts fo medical charts? They are located in central New Jersey."

"We need to have approximately 1700 patients chest x-ray films scanned close to New Jersey."

"Do you scan medical records into an existing EMR system? If so, what would be the cost of scanning in New Jersey of about 300 to 500 medical records with an average of 10 pages per chart"

"Multi-specialty practice in New Jersey. Converting from paper to Electronic, need to have patient's charts scanned. Need a proposal."

"Retiring from his medical practice. We are looking into scanning and archiving about 16,000 patients' records of 40 pages/record on the average. Please provide an estimate for the job in New Jersey."

"Please email your pricing for document scanning, ocr and any other hosting and content management related to the healthcare industry and hipaa compliance. We are considering local companies close to New Jerseyfor an upcoming scan project of between 75 and 125k documents."

If your documents in New Jersey are hard or even impossible to find and seem better at eating up valuable space and dollars than recording important information, we can make your documents do the job for which they were created.

  • Produce any records on demand
  • Speed up customer service
  • Reduce paper-handling
  • Virtually eliminate the cost of filing personnel and storage space
  • Keep company data in a safe, secure place
  • Keep a complete trail of who accessed which documents and when

Costs Reduced in New Jersey By Chart Scanning

The following are a list of costs with are eliminated once you start scanning.

  • create (label, package, copy) charts
  • file the medical records upon creation
  • retrieve charts (quadruple cost for lost or misfiled files)
  • refile document
  • ship some documents
  • fax some documents