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Scanning Service Companies in Louisville

Being reputable scanning service providers in Louisville, our members are able to offer cutting-edge services including electronic data retrieval, file management, authorized data removal, storage and more. We are engaged in offering on-site and off-site services at the lowest possible prices. Call us for a free consultation and to learn how we can enhance your productivity and change the way you deal with your documents.

These are representative of the types of projects our members have been completing for years. Please call the members in your area for a competitive quote now

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  • I'm interested in a quote for scanning services. Rough estimate - 100 letter size file boxes
  • I was wanting to get a price quote on what it would cost to get some scanning done.
  • am interested in getting a quote on scanning some files.
  • would like to get price quotes on each different paper sizes for scanning. We are currently working on an inventory of all our documents to be scanned. This includes alot of large drawings too.
  • am evaluating the feasibility of scanning church records. I anticipate 15 to 20 boxes, possibly more. These are standard "banker" boxes. Information has potential of being highly sensitive so confidentiality is a must
  • We are looking to scan about 10,000 pages so we can make some room in our office for new files. I'm wondering what all would be necessary for us to do that, and an idea on cost.


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